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John Melaniphy and his wife, Sarah have lived in St. Mary of the Woods Parish for over forty years.  Sarah is a graduate of the school; John and Sarah were married here, and their daughter, Margaret (Meggy) is in sixth grade in St. Mary’s School. 


Fr. Greg asked and John joined the Campaign Leadership Team without reservation. John has always been an active member of the Parish.  He was Vice-President and President of the Holy Name Society, and served on the School Board.  John played a role in the school renovation and painting project, the 50th Anniversary Memory Book Committee, and was involved in the fundraising efforts for the Rev. Leo Mahon Building. 


Civic pride is important to John who served as President, Vice President and Secretary of the North Edgebrook Civic Association.  During his 10 year tenure, he was on the committee to revitalize the Edgebrook Business District.  This project was a good fit for John who is a real estate developer building shopping centers, hotels and mixed-use developments throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area.


John’s vision for St. Mary of the Woods is to enhance the quality of life for all parishioners and to create an environment that perpetuates strong Christian values and a solid Catholic identity.


“St. Mary’s is the anchor and centerpiece of our community.  Most family activities revolve around St. Mary’s – it is truly a faith community where people know each other by name, look out for one another and help those in need.  The Parish Visioning project is a natural progression that will make our facilities more inviting and user-friendly for all parishioners.  This project will provide the necessary amenities to enhance and strengthen the educational preparedness of students, provide a venue for our numerous ministries, and provide functional space for spiritual and social gatherings with access for all.”


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